Use frequency medicine to shift your life!

Unlock emotional blocks and get the support you deserve to live life on your terms.

Few quantum biofeedback systems are as dynamic as the Genius.

This system uses a sophisticated voice analyzer originally developed at M.I.T. This voice analyzer records your voice and converts it to information that is then interpreted by uniquely designed software.

This "voice as information" is compared to the other program frequencies, which represent thousands of 'ideas.' The goal is to find the frequencies most beneficial for you based on your voice analysis.

We then utilize your 'aura' picture. Once you submit a current picture, the system analyzes your aura and then aligns the most beneficial 'energetic' tools to support harmony and balance in your body.

All humans, regardless of age. Seriously, who couldn't benefit from an 'energy' tune-up? Because of the thousands of 'ideas' available to assess, you may align with generational clearing, conception to birth clearings, various emotional clearings, psychic attack clearings, nutritional absorption support needs, and the list is nearly endless.

What to expect during your

This entire process is completed virtually. We currently work with clients worldwide, allowing them to have frequent medicine delivered conveniently and successfully.

A Genius Biofeedback practitioner provides a scan based on a proprietary voice analysis technology. This scan aims to provide personalized frequencies that will best help the body heal itself.

Step 1
Upload your current photo and follow the voice prompts in the phone app.
Step 2
Your Practitioner then integrates your information into the system software where it is interpreted.
Step 3
Once the most beneficial frequencies are selected, you will receive them via your phone in your Quanta Capsule app.
Step 4
Listen to the aligned frequencies 2 x per day for 15 minutes each.
Step 5
Repeat and enjoy a weekly 'energy' tune-up in the comfort of your phone app.


Convenient at your fingertips. You never have to leave your home in order to get support or experience the benefit of these frequencies. You can cancel their subscription at any time.

I can tell a huge shift immediately. It is amazing. I get to choose what I want my weekly focus to be this means I control what I need. The frequency implementation provides me daily support for all that is going on. It is convenient - on my time - and I actually feel the difference when I forget to use them. It makes a huge difference in my life and dealing with all life throws at me.

- Amanda Coombs

I have had irregular menstruation for the past year and last week, it was so heavy I couldn't walk around that much — the pain was unbearable and it flows out even more! Angie sent me my Frequency Medicine, I listened to it for 30 minutes, slept like a baby... then when I woke up, I felt LOADS BETTER! I was able to walk properly! I listened to it once a day for 5 days and I was back to normal 😍 THANK YOUUU, Angie! and THANK YOU Genius Scan!

- Mikee