NanoVi technology leverages advances in biophysics and water science in a way that supports all protein functions without overriding your body’s natural wisdom.

Oxidative Stress Damages Proteins

Proteins do all the work in your body, including the important job of repairing damage. Unfortunately, ongoing damage is unavoidable. Simply breathing causes oxidative damage and some lifestyle choices make it even worse. When proteins are damaged, they lose their function. We recognize this as lower performance, less vitality, aging, and in the worst-case chronic illness.

Protect Proteins and Accelerate Repair

Before proteins can do all their work, it is necessary for them to fold into precise 3D shapes. For this to happen, the water surrounding proteins must have specific properties. NanoVi influences water surrounding proteins in a way that helps them fold so they can function. Improvements are measurable. NanoVi is a unique, scientifically backed protein folding therapy.


NanoVi®️ technology is a new approach to health and wellness. It is completely substance-free and beneficial to a wide range of people. Research and testing has shown that using the NanoVi®️ device leads to less DNA damage, faster repair of oxidative stress damage, anti-aging benefits, and stronger immunity.

NanoVi®️ users fall into three general categories:


At the same time as your other services, you may also enjoy the benefits of the NanoVi. We call these sessions 'stacked' by leveraging your time.

Oxygen is essential to the chemical process of cell energy production, but this process also produces reactive oxygen species (ROS). For the most part, ROS can cause damage as free radicals, but they also function as signaling molecules or ‘secondary messengers.’
Over the last 15 years, scientists have confirmed these secondary messengers are essential in triggering certain types of cellular repair. A single DNA, for example, is damaged more than 700,000 times per day and needs to be repaired as fast as possible. DNA and cellular changes can occur if it cannot keep up with the damage repair, often leading to disease and dysfunction.
NanoVi bio-identical signaling technology relies on a ROS-specific signal to influence cellular repair mechanisms and consequently protect and improve cellular activity. Helping initiate the body’s natural repair mechanisms improves cellular activity, and the spectrum of free radical-damaged cellular functions is addressed.
To create a signal that is bio-identical to what our bodies make, NanoVi creates a specific electromagnetic wave in the near-infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with the same wavelength as ‘good’ (excited) ROS produced in our cells.
During NanoVi sessions, clients breathe in the NanoVi device’s humidified air stream. The humidity transfers the signal to the body, and, like many other therapeutic signals, these signals immediately cascade throughout the entire body.