NeurOptimal® is a proprietary mathematically-based advanced software process that is designed to tap into our brain’s intrinsic ability to self-organize.

NeurOptimal® monitors your brain’s electrical activity and acts as a mirror for your brain that invites it to reorient to the present moment thousands of times during a single session. With over 30 years of development and refinement, the software gives the brain continual information about what it has just done.

The brain then uses this information to (re)organize itself to improve states of functioning and flow. It is a form of power-assisted meditation that does not require conscious effort. With NeurOptimal®, your brain is training itself to be more present in order to promote mental flexibility & resilience for personal enrichment.

Who can benefit from NEUROPTIMAL®

NeurOptimal® is great for:

People with chronic underlying illness report relief from their symptoms after sessions as well.

It is safe for all ages. No consultation, diagnosis or active client participation is required. The short 33 minute sessions are ideal for kids or those who can’t sit still for long periods.

Why should I train?

NeurOptimal® helps promote stress & sleep management and mental flexibility & resilience. It can help you reveal your best potential and improve your academic, athletic & personal performance, feel better, and find your sense of flow. Add brain training to your existing exercise routine for full mind/body fitness!

What to Expect in your

We gently apply 5 sensors to your scalp and ears with conductive paste and clips. When engaged, these sensors "listen" for the electrical signals emitting from your brain at a rate of 256 times per second and transmit them through a digitizer allowing our proprietary software to detect changes and/or disturbances in the signals.
This primary training segment will last about 33 minutes. You will sit in a comfortable recliner while listening to a unique encoded music selection. Our music works in synchronicity with our brain training software, providing the "mirror" effect for your brain to process. You can watch the screen, read, meditate, or even take a power nap during this time.
You may experience a shift instantly or observe your changed responses to situations over time. Either way, be sure to Schedule your next brain training session.

More Nerdy information:

NeurOptimal® is considered neurofeedback, it measures the electrical current that is emitted from the scalp and through a mathematical process called Joint Time-Frequency Analysis (JTFA) it measures movement (transitions).

When the central nervous system (CNS) recognizes the differences in the electrical current (the interruptions in the music) as ‘information’ the CNS uses that information to move away from discomfort. The more the CNS moves and learns from that information the less likely it will return to past behaviors.

What is the Difference Between NeurOptimal® and Linear Neurofeedback Systems?

With NeurOptimal there’s absolutely NO diagnosis required. NeurOptimal® is a brain training technique without brain mapping (EEG Scan), protocols or an "expert trainer" telling your brain what to do. With NeurOptimal you don't have to worry of "over training" - every time you use NeurOptimal® your brain receives information about what it has just done, micro-second by microsecond. It works with you wherever you are in that instant.

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