BioEnergetic Practitioner
Certified Nutritional Microscopy
Full Mesa Shaman
Medical Intuitive Specialist

Don Clark began his adventurous life’s journey competing in the NFL Europe football league and ultimately earning the World Bowl Championship with his team. Knowing his body could only take ‘so much’ of the action, he returned to the States from London and began his career as a Paramedic.

He has spent the last 38 years serving the Indianapolis, Indiana, market as a Paramedic and then a Firefighter. Due to a work-related injury, Don is newly retired from emergency medicine and chose the Outer Banks to ‘semi-retire.’ His love of educating and helping others is still in his blood, as you will still see him training CPR for private individuals and corporations throughout the U.S. with the CPR Institute, a company he co-founded over 20 years ago.

Because of some of his health challenges, Don chose to step into the Holistic side of medicine. Recognizing that Emergency and Allopathic Medicine has its place, he went on to learn an integrative approach to health care. The prompting to gain intense knowledge of holistic healthcare options led him to numerous designations, certifications, and ongoing training in various modalities, devices, and more.

He and his wife, Angie, chose to combine their years of experience and open the OBX Wellness Studio. As they say, The Studio is the Place for a Healthier You.

CAHP, TN, Detox Sp
Full Mesa Shaman
BioEnergetic Practitioner
Certified Lymphatic Technician
Medical Intuitive Specialist

Angie Ates-Clark is an international speaker and founder of the Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies. She is known for “shaking up the status quo” and inspiring people to take action, helping them achieve unprecedented results.

She spent over 20 years in Corporate Executive Leadership, where she was recognized for talent acquisition and succession planning strategies; while managing over $40 million in annual revenue.

After multiple autoimmune diagnosis, she repurposed her life, educating herself on integrative healthcare options, including frequency energy medicine. She has profitably owned multiple holistic clinics, which have served over 5000 clients.

Angie has trained over 10,000 healing arts professionals internationally and has been featured in over 250 training videos, multiple Dr. Summits, and international Documentary Series presentations. She is frequently featured on the Alternative Health Tools podcast.

Angie is a 4-time international best-selling author and owns OBX Wellness Studio in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Whether you are experiencing frequency medicine sessions with Angie or listening to her live or virtual, you will feel her passion as she aligns with her inner knowledge to guide your healing journey.

She resides with her husband, Don, on Roanoke Island in North Carolina.