We offer a Holistic view of your condition. We have no desire for you to ‘choose’ one medical model of healing your body because one thing doesn’t fix one thing. After all, your condition is not one thing. Contrary to many beliefs, we are NOT ‘anti’ medical doctors. In fact, you will find us working alongside many licensed medical professionals and their patients to ensure the best care possible. Our method of alignment is to best serve you. We want to get to know you. 

We do not offer ‘online’ booking, mainly because we want to ensure we can serve you and your goals before you book an appointment. We are not a high-pressure,’ Buy this program’ style studio. Simply put, we work for you! Our ultimate goal is that you FIRE us and retain us only for maintenance and annual health goals. 

Step 1
Contact us to set up a Complimentary 15-minute consultation. Team@OBXWellnessStudio.com or call/text 252-423-0656 Or CLICK THIS BUTTON.
Step 2
Together, we determine your next steps. Whether that is a detailed Consultation utilizing one of our Assessments (Click here to learn what we use ), embracing one of our Therapies (Click here to discover our options), or combining both.
Step 3
Embark on your Holistic and Integrative journey to wellness.

Still not sure? Learn about Don and Angie

Angie Ates-Clark

CAHP, TN, Detox Sp | Full Mesa Shaman | BioEnergetic Practitioner | Certified Lymphatic Technician | Medical Intuitive Specialist

Angie is known for ‘shaking up the status quo’ and empowering individuals and teams to take action and achieve unprecedented results. She has over 20 years of experience in corporate executive leadership, during which time she was recognized for talent acquisition and development while managing millions in annual revenue.

Don Clark

CAHP, TN, MH | BioEnergetic Practitioner | Certified Nutritional Microscopy | Full Mesa Shaman | Medical Intuitive Specialist

Don has spent the last 38 years serving the Indianapolis, Indiana, market as a Paramedic and then a Firefighter. Due to a work-related injury, Don is newly retired from emergency medicine and chose the Outer Banks to ‘semi-retire.’ His love of educating and helping others is still in his blood, as you will still see him training CPR for private individuals and corporations throughout the U.S. with the CPR Institute, a company he co-founded over 20 years ago.